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இரண்டே பொருளில் இருமல் முழுமையாக நீங்க இத டிரை பண்ணுங்க

இருமல் பெரும்பாழும் வந்தால் போகவே போகாது.சளியானது வெளியே வராமல் உடலின் நெஞ்சு பகுதியில் அடைத்து கொள்ளும்.இந்த நிலையில் தான் நமக்கு இருமல் வருகிறது.இந்த இருமல் வந்து விட்டால் சிலருக்கு குணமாவது கடினம்.இதை முயற்சி செய்தால் மூன்று நாளில் சரி செய்து விடலாம்...

நெஞ்சில் உள்ள சளியை நீக்க நாம் சில பொருட்களை உண்டு வந்தால் போதும் சரியாகாத இருமலும் சரியாகும்.இதற்காக நாம் மருத்துவமனைக்கு போக தேவையில்லை.

* இரவு உறங்கும் முன் ஒரு டம்பளர் பசும்பாலில் சிறிது மிளகுத்தூள் மற்றும் மஞ்சள் தூள் கலந்து ஒரு வாரம் குடித்து வர நாள் பட்ட இருமல் குணமாகும்.

*இருமலுக்கு பயந்து இனி மருத்துவமனைக்கு செல்ல வேண்டாம்.

Tips For Normal delivery | which are all the things to follow Normal delivery

Tips to getting normal delivery is easiest one.You have to follow some things when you are pregnant.When your pregnant confirmed ,from that time itself you have to
focus more.First three months you will feel sick so all of them avoid food that time.But that time all pregnant women having food well.First three months only baby parts will grow.Now we will know what are all the things to follow get normal delivery.

Let's see detailed about Normal delivery. 
* Maintain your blood count 11mm-12mm.Maximum amount of blood count should be 12mm.Blood count is nothing but blood hemoclobine.if hemoclobine is less you can eat mutton liver,mutton sevuratti.And also eat Fig fruit,Pomogranatte juice .
* When you are pregnant drink more water.You have to maintain your water level high.if the water level is less you can eat some cucumber and watermelon.Perday you have to drink maximum 8 liter of water for maintaining water level.
* When you completed your five months you have to start your daily …

Jeera rice recipe | Jeera rice recipe in tamil | How to prepare jeera rice

Jeera rice is the best lunch in india.There are two types of jeera rice.One is home style and one more is restaurant style. Making of jeera rice recipe is very simple .Usually jeera rice prepared by Basmati rice.But here i am trying to prepare it in a normal rice.Rice is little long compare to other rice.Let's see how to prepare jeera rice.

Jeera rice usually eat with some of the spicy gravy.I like to serve it with egg gravy or pees gravy.Jeera is very good digestive thing.So eating rice with jeera very healthy also.

Cooking Time : 20 minutes
Serves: 2 members


Boiled rice - 1 cup
Jeera - 1/2 spoon
Cinnamon - 1
Cashews - 4
Bay leaf - 1
Ghee - 1 spoon
Clove - 1
Green chilly - 1


* For making jeera rice,have to use cooked rice.The cooked rice is slightly longer than normal rice.Don't over cook the rice.Cooked rice should be splited.

* In a hot pan ,add a spoon of ghee.if oil gets heat,add jeera,bay leaf,cinnamon ,clove,green chilly, cashews one by one and…

Halwa recipe | Halwa | Pumpkin halwa | How to prepare pumpkin halwa

Halwa recipe is made by using all purpose flour.There are many type of halwa recipes in india.Carrot halwa,sooji ki halwa,Bombay karachi halwa,Ghee halwa,Tirunelveli halwa,Corn flour halwa,pumpkin halwa.In india only famous place for halwa.But all the halwa made by using different flour.In this pumpkin halwa recipe i used white pumpkin to prepare halwa recipe. White pumpkin having more health benefits.Pumpkin contains more water.White pumpkin is to remove kidney stone .if we will take a white pumpkin like a juice twice a week removes kidney stone permanently.In this halwa recipe i added jaggery powder instead of white sugar.So it's more healthy recipe compare to normal halwa.Let's see how to prepare pumpkin halwa.

In this pumpkin halwa recipe no need to add colouring powder.If you add pure jaggery powder it will give nice color for halwa.No need to add more ghee for this kind of halwa recipes.

🕒 Cook Time : 15 minutes
🕒 Preparation Time : 5 minutes
🥄 Serves : 2 members


Besan burfi recipe | Besan ki barfi recipe | Besan barfi

Besan burfi is the traditional indian sweet.Preparation of besan ki barfi differ by states.In Tamilnadu preparation of besan burfi is differ from north indian food recipe.In north india,they are using raw besan flour for making this besan burfi.But here i am using roasted gram dal flour for making thi besan burfi recipe. It's gives more taste compare to besan flour burfi.Usually burfi prepared by caramelaized sugar only.Same ways here also using.Caramelized sugar only gives the strongest burfi.Roasted gram dal flour we can make it at need to buy out.Besan flour is nothing but unroasted gram dal,make a powder.But roasted gram dal powder gives more taste compare to unroasted gram dal.Let's see how to make besan ki burfi at home.

Besan ki barfi best indian traditional sweet recipes.Here we will see how to make this recipe with step by step pictures.

🕒 Cook Time : 15 minutes
🕒 Preparation Time : 10 minutes
🥄 Serves : 2 members


Roasted gram dal - 1 cup
Sugar -…

Smiley Potato recipe | Smiley potato recipe in tamil | Smiley potato chips | Smiley potato snacks

Smiley Potato recipe is the best snacks for kids.That smiley face potato chips makes kids to eat.It's taste like crispy outside and soft inside.Smiley potato chips are best indian evening snacks.How to make smiley potato chips very easy method.We will prepare it for party time also.Potato smiley recipe is potato based snacks recipe. Ready made pack also available in the market.But all of them likes only home made one.So here we will see how to prepare potato smiley recipe with step by step pictures.

Potato smiley recipe,i added corn flour for crispness.And also i added bread crumbs for more crispness.I used to de fry these smile potatoes in the hot oil.It's only give the more tasty.if you want you can bake it.

🕒 Cooking Time : 5minutes
🕒 Preparation Time : 20 minutes
🥄 Serves : 2 members


Boiled potato - 1
Bread crumbs - 4 spoon
Corn flour - 2 spoon
Jeera powder - 1/4 spoon
Red chilly powder - 1/2 spoon
Garam masala - 1/4 spoon


* To begin Pota…

How to make egg puff without oven | How to make egg puff at home without oven in tamil | How to make egg puff

How to make egg puff without oven is easy to prepare at home.Egg puff is the best chat item in outside food.But without oven we can't make it,so here i just show how to cook egg puff without oven with same taste of outside one.Usually all of them like to prefer home made only.But without oven it's not possible to make any puffs.But here we will see how to make egg puff.And also making of puff pastry is very difficult for all.In this article i am showing how to make puff pastry at home also.Normally puffs are crispy outside and layered inside.Reason for this layered puff is the process of making puff pastry only.For preparing filling also very easiest one.

Egg puff making process at home is easy one.But without oven preparation technique is little tough for some one. Let's see how to prepare egg puff without oven in Tamil.

Cooking Time : 1 hour

Preparation Time : 30 minutes

Serves : 3 members


Boiled eggs - 2
Maida - 250 gram
Butter - 50 gram
Baking soda-1/2 spoo…