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Hi friends, This is neela. In this page you will learn how to cook easy and tasty.Here you will get south Indian and north indian foods.... Especially Indian spices will add for all of my cooking recipes.
Here you are all know how to cook variety foods in timely is very easiest thing if knowing about it well.different countries are following different cooking methods.In india we are all using some spices to make taste of the food better.i love to cook when i was in the age of i learned all the tricks and method i would like to share some cooking recipes with you all.
If we say special means non veg only. i try to give a better result for all the states taste of food.Food cooking very easy ,once follow my page no worry about cooking.

here i like to share some of the recipes,
    i am sharing of the south indian foods.

Breakfast recipes:    * idli
   * dosa
   * poori
   * pongal
   * masala dosa
   * Dosa varieties
   * kichidi
   * upma
   * sambar varit…