Seempal recipe | Steamed Colustrum Milk recipe | Instant Junnu | Kharvas recipe

Seempal recipe | Steamed Colustrum Milk recipe | Instant Junnu | Kharvas recipe | Colustrum Milk pudding without colustrum

 Seempal is the very healthy and tastiest recipe.Seempal get it from cows first colustrum milk in City areas.Instead of this milk,here i am going to use some other incridients to makes the taste of kharvas.
This milk contains more nutritional values compare to normal milk.Colustrum milk look like very thick milk and pale yellow colour.After the cows birth, we will get this milk from the cow.Usually we won't get this

Usually older people follow to cook colustrum milk pudding recipe by staeming method only.Same method we are going follow to make without colustrum milk pudding.

⏰ Cooking Time : 1 hour
⏰ Preparation Time: 10 minutes
🥄 Serves: 3 members


Curd - 1/2 Cup
Condensed milk - 1/2 cup
Milk - 1/2 cup
Corn flour - 2 spoon
Cardamom - 4


1.To begin Colustrum milk pudding recipe, In a bowl add half cup of Curd and whisk it well without any lumps.then only our seempal comes well.

2.Add half cup of Condensed milk in a same bowl.Here i used Milk Maid.If you don't have condensed milk you can make it in a home.

3.Add half cup of milk in the same bowl.Mix all the incridients well by using whisk.if it's not mixing well, we won't get perfect Seempal.

4.Add Two table spoon of corn flour in this.Mix the flour well without any lumps.

5.Add 4-5 pressed Cardamom. And mix it well in the mixer.Cardamom gives the good flavour and smell to the colustrum milk pudding.

6.Now instant colustrum milk ready for steaming. In a idli pan add some water for idli plate / steam plate.Then place our instant colustrum milk mix on the plate.

7.Now close it and steam it 15 minutes. Keep the flame on low.

8.After steaming the milk switch off the stove.Let's check it with the knife.Insert the knife in the pudding.See the knife there is no paste kind of things means,Remove the pan from the idli cooker.Leave it for 15 minutes.

9.For getting better results keep it in a refrigerator half and hour.
10.Let's take it out from the refrigerator. Now cut into small pieces and serve it chill.while tasting this pudding my mouth ask me to eat that again and again.
11.We can use it for one week, if we will keep it in the refrigerator. Better time to serve this pudding recipe after the lunch. It's a kind of dessert.

* if you add condensed milk no need to add sugar.Condensed milk contains sugar.
*Always keep equal quantity of curd,condensed milk and milk.
*You will add cardamom powder also.


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