Tips For Normal delivery | which are all the things to follow Normal delivery

Tips to getting normal delivery is easiest one.You have to follow some things when you are pregnant.When your pregnant confirmed ,from that time itself you have to
focus more.First three months you will feel sick so all of them avoid food that time.But that time all pregnant women having food well.First three months only baby parts will grow.Now we will know what are all the things to follow get normal delivery.

Let's see detailed about Normal delivery. 

* Maintain your blood count 11mm-12mm.Maximum amount of blood count should be 12mm.Blood count is nothing but blood hemoclobine.if hemoclobine is less you can eat mutton liver,mutton sevuratti.And also eat Fig fruit,Pomogranatte juice .

* When you are pregnant drink more water.You have to maintain your water level high.if the water level is less you can eat some cucumber and watermelon.Perday you have to drink maximum 8 liter of water for maintaining water level.

* When you completed your five months you have to start your daily walking for 30 minutes for your bed time.

* In your six months you have to do hand wash your clothes your self.Do althose works in your home.Don't sit idle.It will help to bare the pain in your delivery time.

*After seven months ,at your bed time take some hot water bathing. It will helps to get a normal delivery. 

* After seven months ,at your bed time drink health drink till delivery .i will tell you how to make health drink.

Step by step procedure to make health drink to bare your pain at the time of delivery .....


Jeera - 1 spoon

Palm jaggery / palm jaggery powder - 1 spoon

Instructions to prepare health drink

• In a pan add 150 ml of water. In that water add spoon of jeera and palm jaggery powder and mix it well.Boil the water till get 50 ml of water.Then starin the jeera from the water and drink at your bed time.It will increase your water level in your body.And reduce the urination problem at time of pregnancy.

• Have to drink this healthy drink after completion of your 7 months.Daily you have to drink this till delivery.

* Many of them having this doubts,At the end of nine months having sex is good or bad.But it's good only. It will help to opens the cervix easily at time of delivery .so need to worry about it.

* if you will follow these steps ,surely you will get normal delivery.


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